Bienvenue! I'm really in Arizona, but my heritage is just about pure Acadian, thus the shop name. My creations, from simple kitchen items to fancy shawls and embroidered items, are all made with the care and love that many years of needlework can give. The finest materials available are used, and though I use traditional techniques, there is often a bit of an innovative twist. Browse, let me know if you want a different color or size, and also check out my studio at Artfire, also Acadienne.

Unique Needleworker

Acadian by heritage, Mom actually born in Canada, raised in Massachusetts, spent some time in the Navy, then moved to sunny Arizona in 1983.
Widowed in late 2013, happily retired since then, and still knitting and crocheting every day, as well as various embroidery projects.
I first learned to knit at the age of 6, crochet started in college, and embroidery was something evolved over a lot of time and projects. I use the finest materials I can find at a good price, and keep my items practical as well as beautiful.